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Application Requirements


Each adult (18 years or older) residing in a home managed by Renters Place must fill out a rental application and show a valid government issued ID or proof of legal residence status with a visa. Inaccurate, incomplete or falsified information will be grounds for denial and may be grounds for breach of any lease you may sign. Application Fees are non-refundable.

Income/Asset Requirements

Applicants must have gross monthly income equal to or greater than 3 times the monthly market rental rate or liquid assets (regular savings, mutual funds, short-term certificates of deposits, etc.) that are equivalent to at least 3 times the total lease value. Income will be verified by one or more of the following methods:


Co-signers must fill out a rental application that must be processed and evaluated based on the Rental Occupancy Standards. In accordance with the policies of Renters Place, these guidelines are used to ensure fair and equal service to prospective and current residents.

Credit History Requirements

We require that applicants have good credit. In the case that an applicant does not have established credit, it is management’s sole discretion to determine if background and income verification is sufficient to approve the application. We do accept co-signers or payment of lease value in full in lieu of fulfilling credit history requirements.

Rental History Requirements

We will verify at least two years of acceptable rental history for each applicant. If your rental history discloses an eviction or a skip in the last 2 years or any unfulfilled rental agreements for which you have not made full restitution, your application will be denied unless you provide verifiable evidence from the prior landlord that all balances have been paid in full in which case your application may be approved with conditions.

Criminal Background Requirements

A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant.

Accept with Conditions

An application may be approved with conditions if it is found that the income, credit or rental history requirements are not met. Applicants recommended as “Accept with Conditions” will be required to pay an additional fees.

Occupancy Standards

The occupancy standard is 2 persons per bedroom and one additional person.



Property Damage Liability insurance is required with a minimum coverage of $100,000 in liability and property damage for loss, theft, damage, or destruction of any personal property owned. Insurance waiving this requirement is included in the Renters Place Tenants Benefit Package for $25 per month. Please review the Tenants Benefit Package (Link) for more information.