Full Service Tulsa Property Management Flat-Fee Pricing for owners, landlords and investors

Pet and Animal Policy

Renters Place works to limit the upfront move-in costs to our tenants by allowing a lower upfront Pet Fee and paying a Pet Fee on a monthly basis.

Pet Screening

Pet Screening.com: is a 3rd party provider of pet screening and evaluation. It allows customers to consolidate and manage information about their pets. If you wish to screen your pet and possibly receive a discount on your Pet Fee, please go to: https://www.petscreening.com/referral/m5ZMyUjpyWR1

Pet Fees

Up Front Pet Fee (non-refundable) $150 per Property
Pet Fee Surcharge $100 per Pet
Pet Fee Discount / Up Front -$50 per Pet
Unauthorized Pets Fine $500 per Pet
Monthly Pet Fee $20 per month per Pet

Pet Fee Surcharge

Pet Fee Discount

If tenant supplies a Pet Screening report of 3 Paws or higher on each qualified pet, then Renters Place will discount the tenant $50 per pet off of the up front Pet Fee.

Unauthorized Pets

$500 Fine per Pet


We understand that your pet is part of your family. Compliance with our pet policy, communication and transparency is of the utmost importance. You cannot substitute a pet without letting us know immediately. Unauthorized pets are a breach of the lease and will be assessed a $500 fine per unauthorized pet.